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Powerbank 10400 mah power bank at 399


Posted 3 years ago

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Product Description :


Temperature control: A dedicated thermostat ensures cells are always working at a safe temperature 3) Circuit breaker: If the device you are charging short-circuits, charging will stop immediately to prevent any further damag 4) Reset: If changes in the surrounding environment cause  charger to stop function, just tap the power button to reset the charger and continue charging 5) Voltage input limit: OVP circuit protect cells from being charged with too much voltage 6) Feedback protection: If the USB output is accidentally plugged in to a power source, charge will stop automatically to prevent damage to your devices 7) Device detection:  charger will actively check for a live power current when it is connected to a device. If not then the charger will stop emitting power automatically 8) Voltage output limit: Charger actively checks to ensure that voltage output to charging devices is kept at a safe and constant rate 9) Charge limit: Charger will help maximize your devices? battery usage life by not overcharging them 10) PTC protection: If the charger overheats and an excessive amount of voltage is being released, PTC can control the flow of voltage and protect the battery cells