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Prestige PIC 10.0 Induction Cooktop


Posted 3 years ago

Easy To Maintain And Portable The Prestige induction cooktop is a compact, portable kitchen appliance with high efficiency. This heating device features the latest technology to make cooking easier for you. Ideally designed for maximum functionality and simple maintenance, this kitchen appliance solves your gas and cylinder problems permanently. Also, this device is extremely easy to maintain. Just take a soft cloth and wipe it clean after switching the device off. It features seven preset cooking options as well. You can buy Prestige induction cooktop online and cook your favourite meals without any hassles. Uses Advanced Technology The Prestige induction cooktop uses electromagnetic induction to heat your food. To prevent thermal overload, this device has an in-built dual heat sensor. This controls and regulates the temperature of the induction cooktop. Using advanced technology, this kitchen appliance uses an anti-magnetic wall to protect you from harmful rays and magnetic radiation of the cooktop. For conserving energy, this device uses minimal power to provide an environment-friendly space for you to cook in. Moreover, this induction cooktop has an aerodynamic cooling system and a child lock to prevent any accidental injuries.

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